We’ve been a remote-first startup for 3 years, here’s what we’ve learned.

Visual with the Uizard logo between Copenhagen, Denmark, and San Francisco, California, USA.

Uizard meme: You get a theme! You get a theme! Everyone gets a theme!

Design is hard for non-designers

Over time and throughout our private beta program, the majority of our recurrent active users started to increasingly become startup founders, product managers, consultants, business analysts, and marketing…

TL;DR: show me the tutorial video.

Numbers calculated from Uxtools data

1) Building apps and websites is insanely slow

Back when I was an undergraduate student, I used to work part-time as a front-end developer in a digital agency. I was fortunate enough to be part of a team made of extremely talented people with art directors and UI/UX designers crafting gorgeous interfaces and creative front-end engineers building cutting-edge applications using the latest technologies (remember when WebGL was…

Tony Beltramelli

Co-Founder & CEO uizard.io | building design and dev tools using machine learning | Forbes 30u30

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